About Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions, LLC is a nationally recognized consulting firm founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. We are a certified 8(a), EDWOSB (Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business) that specializes in the citizen experience. Our vision is to change the face of government all over the globe. We are the premier citizen experience partner for the public sector and utility markets, increasing trust in government  and utilities through greater transparency, understanding of their citizens, streamlined processes, improved technology, and employee awareness.

State and local government, municipalities and utilities accounts for about 98% of our business over the last eighteen years. We assist our clients in providing an excellent citizen experience through our own proven methodology. This proprietary methodology, AAPII (pronounced like “Happy”), stands for Assess, Analyze, Prioritize, Implement and Improve. It incorporates all the key principles that lead to an excellent citizen experience. In fact, most recently, JD Powers named one of our government utility customers the most improved water utility in the country according to their 2019 Water Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study.

AAPII systematically addresses the citizen experience dilemma for the public sector step by step:

Phase 1: We carefully Assess the needs of people (both employees and citizens), the efficiency of processes and the practicality of technology throughout the organization.

Phase 2: We Analyze the results of each assessment and consider them in concert. Lack of good citizen experience is rarely isolated to one factor. It is understanding how each component of citizen experience fits with the others that produces stellar results. The Analyze phase is also when we work with our clients to establish meaningful KPIs and metrics that make sense for their objectives. This sets a baseline measurement to understand and scale improvement.

Phase 3: The recommendations we provide from the Analyze phase are then separated into short-term recommendations or “Quick Wins” and longer-term recommendations, which require more time and budgetary considerations. In the Prioritize phase, each group of recommendations is then prioritized in order of importance and urgency and a road map for implementation is created.

Phase 4: We then roll up our sleeves and work side by side with our client to Implement each and every recommendation, and with each recommendation we measure improvement.

Phase 5: Finally, our customers must continue to Improve. We don’t believe in providing pretty documents to gather dust on our client’s credenza and never be used again. Additionally, we don’t believe in clients spending millions of dollars on a project and then losing the gains they have made. One of the most important aspects of AAPII is the implementation of a ‘continuous improvement culture’, that is baked into employees and citizens alike, so they work together as one team to achieve what is best for all – greater efficiencies for the agency and ease of use for the citizen.

As we work with our clients, we customize our approach and create a synergistic partnership that naturally generates momentum toward our now shared business goals. We become trusted advisors and create life long relationships – because once our clients work with us, they want us back to do more.

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