About Turnkey Solutions

unlock_key_iStock_000004907593MediumTurnkey Solutions, LLC is a nationally recognized consulting firm founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002. Over the years, our business has worked primarily with public sector organizations and utilities in four core areas that guarantee improved performance. We first help our customers identify their business goals and objectives and help them to create a road map to reach those objectives by providing necessary assessments and gap analyses. We then provide them support to change their processes and/or their technology as the road map dictates. As anchors to these services, we also provide critical support in Customer Service Strategies including 311, customer experience transformations and contact center optimization services. Finally, our Security Strategies ensure that what is put in place is solid and cannot be disrupted, even by disaster or unforseen circumstances.

As we work with our customers, we customize our approach and create a synergistic partnership that naturally generates momentum toward our now shared business goals. We become trusted advisers and create life long relationships - because once our customers work with us, they want us back to do more.

Our expertise is finding customized solutions to difficult client issues and assisting our clients to implement those solutions to improve overall performance and reduce costs.

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